Utah Filmmakers™ Associate Program

The Utah FilmmakersAssociate Program has been implemented to identify reputable, Utah-based, film industry resources that share common goals and core values with the Utah FilmmakersAssociation, provide essential services, champion the continued growth and development of our local infrastructure, and make other significant contributions to Utah’s film industry and the local filmmaking community.

Such resources include individuals, individualsbusinesses & nonprofit organizationsonline forums, and sponsored events—including film festivals, competitions, and conventions.

Significant contributions include—but are not limited to—employment, job training, infrastructure development, promoting diversity and inclusivity, advocacy, career awareness, local cultural & socio-economic impact, etc.

Utah Filmmakers™ uses a digital achievement recognition and tracking platform based on the Open Badges standard to identify program participants as official Utah FilmmakersAssociates.

Associates may display their Association badges on their websites, social media profiles, and printed materials. They may also be identified with physical certificates and/or official signage provided for them to display at locations including office spaces, storefronts, and event venues. Individual Associates may also be seen by wearing Utah Filmmakers™-branded apparel, created exclusively for the program.